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Feb 10, 2017
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I am going to brew a batch tomorrow and since I have a ton of Galaxy on hand (almost 2 lbs) I figured I'd do an all Galaxy NEIPA. Can you guys provide any recommendations on how much to add for my whirlpool and dry hop? 4 oz whirlpool, 6 oz dry hop?

I am planning on a 30 minute boil with no kettle additions -- this will be all whirlpool/dry hopped.

I also have around 6oz of Mosaic on hand if you think that would help. But I read that Galaxy pretty much overpowers everything so any other hop additions may go to waste.

Malt bill is below:
11 lb 2-row
1 lb white wheat
1 lb rolled oats
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Went with a 4oz whirlpool and will do a 6oz dry hop, all Galaxy.
Sounds good to me! I don’t use Galaxy much by itself. I have had a few I really liked from Other Half.
It's wrapping up with fermentation and going to drop in the dry hops soon for a day or 2 then throw the keg in the fridge (fermenting in keg). I'll let you know how it turns out.
I use a floating dip tube (is that a flotit setup?) with a screened fitting on the end and dry hop commando. Never had an issue.