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Single Chrome Tower w/ faucet; 3 Chrome Plated Faucets ---PRICED TO MOVE!

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Oct 4, 2009
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I just bought my Haier Kegerator and upgraded to a triple tower right away.

I am selling the single tower / faucet / beer line / gasket / plastic handle that came with the Haier Kegerator, unused and brand new. It does not include the 4 screws needed for installation eBay is selling them for $50-100. I'll take $40+ shipping or best offer. View it here:


Also, I upgraded the [3] Chrome-plated brass faucets from the triple tower I bought. These three are brand new and for sale. Say, $10 each? View the triple tower faucets here:


Like I said, make me an offer. I'm selling these fast, and don't want them sitting around collecting dust. I can do PayPal (most convenient) or check? Do people still write checks?

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