Simpsons vs Family Guy

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Simpsons or Family Guy

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Dec 28, 2004
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New Jersey
Two of the funniest shows ever. I'm a loyal Simpsons lover, so I find it hard to call the Family Guy better, but, man, it's good stuff. My girlfriend votes for Family Guy...I'm torn.
Family Guy is awesome, for sure. But it hasn't had to show us 14(?) seasons yet. I think Simpsons will stand the test of time better. Call me a lover of the classics, but I've gotta give the nod to Simpsons :D
Simpsons got my vote. The newer episodes are really lacking though. Tonight's was medicore.
I like the Simpsons because of the seeming timelessness of it. However, the Family Guy takes place in RI......most of the accents are spot-on, by the way.....especially Peter's wife.......
I appreciate all the zany cultural references stuck into Family Guy, it is as if almost every scene is making some comment on a movie, or another cutural icon. Great fun. And who can resist a super genius baby with a superiority compex!:D
simpsons might be getting old, but its still funny. The problem with family guy is that there are no new ones. We have to wait until may to see new episodes of family guy, and then maybe, just maybe it will be better then simpsons. I doubt it though.
ahh! i'm too lazy to scroll down this far and missed the thread :)

i vote simpsons. my daughter who is four watches them and loves em, need i say more? she is a rather good judge of what is good and what is shite when it comes to cartoons. ;)
MAY 1st, new season of Family Guy! I know all you Stewie freaks are impatiently waiting....I know I cannot wait. I own all the previous seasons on DVD and still find it funny after watching them time and time again....
I could go on with Stewie quotes all day... g/f wants to buy the DVDs...I was thinking sure, I guess, but it just seems better catching on TV, I don't know why. But if you say you enjoy them over and over, we'll go ahead and buy 'em.
"I gotta stolen vehicle here."
"But this is my car."
"Suspect's getting beligerant."
"Officer down."

Hey, Orr...I was trying to remember a line from an (old) episode I saw previewed...Peter said something like, "My wife doesn't like to watch me drink...I told her to go in the other room..." At least that's how I remember it...but I have a feeling I'm completely you know what I'm talking about? What was the line?
rightwingnut said:
Hey, Orr...I was trying to remember a line from an (old) episode I saw previewed...Peter said something like, "My wife doesn't like to watch me drink...I told her to go in the other room..." At least that's how I remember it...but I have a feeling I'm completely you know what I'm talking about? What was the line?

I don't remember that one....I'll have to watch them all again.... :)

Here's one of my favorites:

"Lois: That commercial was made by a man!
Peter: Of course it was made by a man Lois, it's not a delicious Thanksgiving dinner!"
Family Guy was good last night, didn't care much for American Dad.

One of my favorite Family Guy scenes is when that giant cockroach gets even and is sitting on the couch tapping his fingers saying "Goood, Goood"
I started a similar thread in another forum. Both shows are brilliant but I have to agree The Simpsons is becoming weak. It's been the best comedy in TV history and I watch it everytime I get. The first 10 or 11 seasons were all gold but recently I've felt them to be going downhill. Hey, it happens:D

Family guy last night was amazing. I was expecting a bit of a variation in humour from the previous years but nothing had changed:lol: It was still as crude and well presented as ever. Keep rockin' Seth. American Dad wasen't too appealing but I'll give it another try this week.
I think the new ones have been pretty good, the second definitely better than the first. So what does everyone else think?

I laughed out loud 5-6 times at the second one. That was a classic and will probably be a favorite for a while. Stewie doing the robot? Doesn't get much better than that!

BTW, did anyone recognize the voice for Mrs. Lockhart? :D
I've been missing them... :( I think I caught one or two. American Dad is very weak. As far as "second attempts" at a show, Futurama is far superior to American Dad. And can't say I like the attacks on the political Right. No, sir, didn't like it.
Gotta vote simpsons...I do like family guy too but I agree with the "show me 14 years of solid show before you get my vote" sentiment.
Although Simpson's Jumped the Shark about 5 years ago, I still give it to them. FG is OK, some stupid laughs, but does not have nearly the comedic depths of a typical Simpson's episode.
Family Guy was awesome last night. Anyone else see it?

marco...marco...marco...marco...marco...marco...marco...marco...marco...marco...marco... (Stewie playing Marco Polo with Helen Keller)

Classic, just classic........ :p

Fitting for my 600th post on here too.....
I just found this thread. FG wouldn't be here without Simpsons, but man, is it funny.
I love watching the old episodes of Simpsons on DVD. My roommate just got season six. I'm watching it now. However, FG took the Simpsons humor to another level.
Anyone seen the FG movie? It is so over the top and hilarious I don't think I'll ever stop laughing.
Tough call, but I've got to go with family guy.

I've gotten more laughs from the Simpsons, but the past three seasons have put the Simpsons on the downside. Family guy has been much funnier, and laugh per episode wise, they rule.

American dad is a bust - It's too stupid to watch. Ironically, the dumbest people I know say it's funny.
This is a tough one. My niece is marrying a writer for the Simpsons but I do like FG a lot. He says it's quite the rivalry going on at the studio. :) The FG Star Wars movie is hilarious though. I'll go with Simpsons FTW. :D
how in the hell does something this off topic and old resurface?

but i cant pick one... I just refuse to pick!
I vote Family Guy, although some of their scenes are drawn out too long. The Simpsons aren't as funny as they used to be, but it's still a great show. I didn't care for the movie.
Family guy is always hilarious IMO.

King of the Hill anyone?
New episodes of each suck. Simpsons had a longer run of funny stuff, but Family guy had 3 great season. Futurama and South Park both still rock.

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