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Jan 20, 2008
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I was just wondering if its recommended to use silicone tubing for beer/gas lines for kegging?

In reading some posts regarding transferring hot and racking people generally said that silicone or high-temp tubing was the way to go.

Right now I'm using the cheapo vinyl tubing for everything and am upgrading to silicone tubing for hot transfer and racking.

Should I upgrade my vinyl tubing for my kegs to silicone?

Much Thanks in Advance !
it's a bit more expensive, but silicone definitely is the better tubing

and welcome to the forum
Thanks much Bobby. I'll stick with what I got until it looks like it needs replacing.

What is Silicone rated for pressure-wise? Or does it depend on the type of tubing you get?
ok so I misread the OP. I apologise

if I were you I would use reinforced vinyl for keg tubing or anything under pressure. For transferring hot wort or beer then silicone all the way.
Whoa, I'm confused. I think you're switching between two different intents!

1) Hot transfer and racking. This doesn't involve pressure, so the "traditional" choices are vinyl vs silicone. For this purpose, Silicone is more expensive, but seems to last longer and, as you mentioned, is more resilient to heat. Vinyl can still be appropriate, though - for example, I go from a 3/8" ball valve to a Counter-flow chiller using about 3 feet of 3/8" ID Braided (Reinforced) Vinyl hose. I used to use non-braided, but that piece melted too quickly, so I used the braided hose and it works fine. Check your local Lowes/Home Depot/Menards/etc for the best prices. I got 20' of reinforced for less than 8 bucks, and I got 10' of non-reinforced for racking between fermenters for about $1.88 - that's 18c a foot, the LHBS charges 50c a foot.

2) Kegging, specifically liquid and gas lines. Use only actual Beer Line. Vinyl or others will (alledgedly?) rot, warp, blow up, impart off flavors, stain, etc. Most people recommend 3/16" NSF-certified Beer line, there are many places to find this, including almost all online HBS'es by-the-foot (NB, More Beer!, Midwest, Austin). Also check for their prices, especially on bulk reels if you have a crazy setup (8-tap kegerator or somethin!).
For gas line, some people use 1/4" ID, some people use 5/16" ID. I personally use the latter. Again, look at real Beer line, don't risk safety just to use something cheaper. You're dealing with compressed gas and pressure, always be safe and use your head!

As far as I know, there is not a "do-it-all" type of hose. Maybe someone else has an idea.
silicone is gas permable.. meaning CO2 can get through the tube walls even at 10psi, just like helium leaks out of balloons after a few days.

stick to standard gas line material.