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Dec 2, 2008
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We'll i have brewed a AHS Sierra Nevada Pale ALe Clone and I am considering dry hopping into my secondary with an 1oz of Crystal hop pellet's. I enjoy Sierra Nevada a lot and i wanted something with a little more hopiness so i thought this 1oz addition of Crystal hops would give me that extra bit of flavor... I was curious what other folks thought about dry hopping this recipe with an 1oz of Crystal hops?

My Recipe

10 oz Crystal 60L
7 lb Extra Pale Extract
1 oz Perle (60)
1 oz Cascade (15)
1 oz Cascade ( 0 )

Dry Hop Addition 1 oz Crystal

I also should say the recipe called for 1/2 oz Cascade @ (0) and the other 1/2 cascade dry hopped. But instead i put the whole 1oz @ (0) So i would only be dry hopping the Crystal and not the cascade.


Jan 22, 2009
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St. Louis
I am a big fan of dry hop additions. When I make my APA/IPA or other hoppy beers, I always dry hop. My biggest dry hop was 3/4 oz centennial in the secondary for 3 weeks. The beer had a very strong hoppy citrus aroma, and after aging in bottle for 3 weeks had a smooth bitterness. My advice, hop away. The crystal is a fine aroma hop, and if you like its aroma throw it in.

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