Side-by-Side Kegerator Ferm Chamber Build Pics

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Nov 18, 2014
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I thought I would share my side-by-side fridge build here for other's inspiration. It takes up a pretty small footprint, and will hold 4 ball lock cornies, 20lb CO2, and two fermentation buckets/carboys. It's a tight fit, but I've had 4 kegs in it for a few months now.

You can view the whole album here:

This build is in my Texas garage and has been running well for it's first summer. The fridge main power is connected to a analog controller. This lets me set the temp of the freezer side. I then have a 12V fan connected to a second controller in the fridge side which controls how much cold air gets blow in for fermentation temp. eventually, I'll upgrade to a DIY brewPI and include a heating element on the fridge side for the winter.

The entire fridge is painted with a black appliance epoxy, with the front doors having rustoleum chalkboard paint.