Shweeeeet... I'm almost all set

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Sep 14, 2006
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Nashville, TN
Well, bit the bullet and bought my "propane brewing bench" tonight...

and when I was there, I saw this

So i figured for 20 bucks I could upgrade from the 55K BTU burner i was using to a 160K burner.

So i am about ready to have my 2-tier system done.. just need a pump and a keg converted MLT...

Woo WOo!!
well, i think i am just going to bring the single burner.. i dont have the second kettle yet.. so i am going to stick with my old setup for now.. plus i dont have the pump, and its a lot to pack in my car!
It's not quite as big and beefy as it looks in the pic, but it's still plenty strong enough for holding a couple of keggles.
eriktlupus said:


Looks great, but no dimensions. Each burner area needs to be at least 16"x16" to fit 3 kegs. Anyone got a cabellas close by who could check it out?
looking at the size of those burners for perspective, it doesnt really look like it would work..