Shrunk my Better Bottle

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Apr 25, 2006
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West Liberty, OH
I haven't been on this forum much the past few months, but after searching I found a few other instances of this happening.

Don't put 175° wort in a better bottle. I knew better than to do it.......surely I knew better! But my garden hose I run to my copper tubing chiller was frozen solid and I thought..........

Anyway, my 6 gallon better bottle is now more like 5 gallons.....and leans to one side. It still works brew is finally cooled and beginning to bubble away.......despite the leaning.

Ha!! At least it's still functional.


I guess it would have been far worse had you poured that hot wort into a glass carboy...
Yea, I was reading on the Better-Bottle website yesterday about their heat capacity. It's injection molded so going above 140 degrees is dangerous as the bottle wants to go back to its original least it's still usable!
I have two big dents in the bottom of mine from putting it inside of my bottling bucket. The spigot made the dents and they won't come out at all.