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Still Brewn

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Jan 2, 2019
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So I had a brain injury a five years ago that left me in bed for well over a year with little memory of of all that time passed. It also left me unable to do the physical things I use to do so about a year and a half ago when I was finally allowed to drive again I started hanging out at an art gallery and became friends with the owner. Since that time I have started collecting pieces and am discovering new artists all the time. I never really paid attention to the what I had collected over the last year or so but there seems to be a trend. Although not my only pieces I have gained a disproportionate number of beer, wine and liquor pieces. I also discovered that at the turn of the 20th century there were a number of artists painting scenes of monks brewing, drinking and just hanging out in the cellar with the brew. So I thought I would share what I have and some of what I see in my travels looking for art.

Please show us what you have collected and might as well include your beer, wine and liquor pieces.
I will post as I get the time.

This is a picture printed on an aluminum sheet and I'm not sure who the artist is.


This is a very nice well painted oil on canvas piece by John Buckley.

Although signed this piece is listed as artist unknown because the signature is illegible but very much in the style of other artists of the time and similar in content from the painters Adolph Humborg and Eduard von Grützner. The stretcher design and and patent date of 1880 something stamped on it puts this piece in the late 1800's to early 1900's making the artist a contemporary of both artists . Although not a piece of mine I wouldn't mind having it or a similar piece. For the age of this painting it is remarkably well preserved and priced accordingly.
Been busy and forgot about posting anything. Here is another. Original, oil on canvas, early - mid 20th century. Nothing is known about the artist.
I really enjoyed these posts - I'm dreaming of putting together a brew shed and would love brewing related art to decorate