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Oct 29, 2017
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So I am sure this has happened to everyone at some point. Pulled a recipe from here, did not expect much, and it was amazing! By the time I found out it was amazing I had dumped my email trash can, dumped the brew house trash. and could not find a a shred of a clue anywhere. So low and behold I discovered the order history button on my more beer account. Crisis averted and recipe saved. Yes I am old and not that savy when it comes to things not involving a wrench lol but just thought I would share a happy experiance.
Lesson learned= write $hit down


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Feb 16, 2012
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Either in the brewery or on the road
I love morebeer. I lived 3 miles from there brick and mortar store in riverside ca. Rob and the gang were geniuses at work. Unfortunately I moved and have to rely on mail order now, which is still good. Just not the same.
I bought my first custom brew kettle from MoreBeer in 1990. Still have it.

I really like my (several) LHBSs, but my overall goto for brew gear and supplies is MoreBeer. They've never disappointed me, and have always provided fast, efficient service. On the few rare times I've had any issues, they've solved it quickly and to my total satisfaction. They're the best!

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