Should I rack to bottles or wait?

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Feb 14, 2009
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I know there's already one question up here like this but i'm just a tad bit worried about fudging up my first attempt at home brewing. I know I'm kinda violating the cardinal rule but as i said, tad bit worried, not fully worried. I started brewing a Belgian Wit beer on Feb 3rd, it was transferred to the primary fermenter at approx 1230am on 02/03. OG was 1.041, it spent 10 days in the primary and I racked it to the secondary on 02/13, the SG at that point was around 1.03, now 15 full days later the air lock is bubbling 18-23 seconds apart. I know bubbling from the airlock does not, itself, mean fermentation or not, but I don't want any bottle bombs and I'm slightly worried (again slightly, not full worry) that if I try to pop the top and take a reading now and then cap it back up if my SG is not ready then I will negate my sanitation procedure. Is that the only way to be sure or does the collective here recommend another way or soemthing I may not know or have thought of? I will say that where I have been keeping it has been on the colder end of the spectrum (around 64* during the fermentation), I'm just concerned because my LHBS told me 1-1-2 should be fine for this batch and I'm on 1.5-2 already.


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Dec 24, 2008
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If you are careful and sanitize anything that comes in contact with the beer in the fermenter you will be fine.

Next time you go to rack to secondary you want the fermentation complete. You really didn't accomplish anything racking before it was done.

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