Short (22") Corney kegs

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Jan 30, 2008
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Austin, Texas
Most corney kegs are about 25.5" heigh. A while back I came across some for sale that were 22" high. This height turns out to fit much better in my kegerators (I have two kegerators). Now I'm looking to replace all of my 25" kegs with the shorter 22" variety but I can't seem to find anything out there. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on some 22" high kegs?
Maybe those are the pin lock (Coke) kegs? I have one pin lock and two ball lock; the pin lock keg is quite a bit shorter, BUT the connectors stick up so you still need like 24" to clear with hoses and all. If you can convert the pinlock to ball lock (not sure if this is possible!) then it would be like 23".
It looks like the coke kegs are the shorter ones. Probably not a big deal for most people, but for me, the 22" (or even 23" with everything attached) simply fit a lot more easily in my dispensors. I have a commercial refrigerator that I converted into a six-tap kegerator and it is only about 3' high. The short kegs fit much more easily inside it. I guess I'm going to look for coke kegs and then convert them from pin to ball lock after I get them in. This adds about $10 to the cost of each keg, but it is worth it for me.