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Mar 19, 2010
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Forgive me if this has been brought up before (I'll admit, I did not search), but what seems to be the best way for shipping beer out-of-state to friends and for competitions?

My bud in CO sent me a link he found (, but they appear to be either out-of-business or on hiatus, as they aren't taking orders.

So what does everyone else do when they want to share?



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Sep 12, 2008
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Package very well with bubble wrap and/or foam. I ship via fedex. They usually don't ask and if they do you say it's empty bottles or yeast cultures.


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Nov 19, 2008
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Kansas City
I think the tutorial has some mistakes, so I will reiterate (I've shipped hundreds of bottles with no failers).

Get a sturdy box, the 12" tall from the office store works great for longnecks but don't go bigger than 12x18 as it will get too heavy. While you are there buy a roll of small bubble bubble wrap in 12" square perforated sheets, some packing tape, and a bag of rubber bands.

Put something in the bottom. I usually have something to reuse but crumpled newspaper works.

Line the box with a garbage bag that is plenty big.

Wrap each beer with a sheet of bubble wrap and rubber band on (for comps this will be on top of a rubber banded on bottle label). Pack bottles in box and fill any gaps with crumbled paper so that the box is TIGHT.

Squeeze air out of garbage back and tie in a double knot. Fill top of box with reused material or crumpled paper until TIGHT. Seal box. with tape across middle and down sides.

Make an account on UPS or Fedex, whoever has the most convenient drop off site. Weight box with your postal scale* print label, affix, drop off. Printing the label at home avoids questions about what you are shipping and the need to lie.

* I have friends who do this by weighing on a not accurate enough bathroom scale. Apparently the shipping company just adjusts your account for the different.

I have my stuff in the basement and can pack and label a box with around 10 beers in under 15 minutes. Any more than this and you are wasting time. The principles are no movement in the box and no glass on glass contact. Bubble wrap and TIGHT packing accomplish both and the bottles will not break.