Shipping problems...Is it just me?

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Jan 2, 2008
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Houston, TX
So i ordered a lot parts to extend my kegerator's storing capabilities. They were supposed to arrive today. They did....apparently from UPS's point of view. Came home from work to an empty door step. So i checked online with my tracking # and it said that they delivered it to my house. Keep in mind this isnt the first time this happened with UPS (happened one other time about a month ago). I dont know whats going on but apparently they have to trace it. Trace it? Does it have a low-jack?

I can understand one time, b/c mistakes happen, but twice in this short of time? I dont know, a driver gets paid to deliver a package. Match box address with home address, boom job done. Oh and the other time they delivered it to different house. They switched the last two digits. I went back to that same house and asked, but no bueno.

I have never had this problem up until 6 months ago, but it happened with dhl.

Is this common with any other people? I have never had this happen to me before all of this. And I shop online frequently. Who knows.
I've had plenty of shipping problems with Netflix and Gamefly discs, but never with an online order (aside from delays, or signatures required for odd items causing me to have to go pick it up at the station).

basically they wanna talk to the driver who delivered it and see if he really took it to your place or if he was off by a street or two.
otherwise someone might have swiped it...