Sharp taste in my latest Partial Mash.

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Sep 19, 2011
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Looking for some insight from the community here; (edit: yes, it's a very tiny mash, but I think it's the mash that may have caused the issue)

I brewed a batch of strong brown ale, as follows;

6 Gallons, full boil

4 liters (aprox 14lb) of light LME
1 lb of Munich Malt
8oz CaraStan
1/2 oz Northern Brewer @ 60minutes
1/2 oz Northern Brewer @ 15 minutes
1/2 oz of East Goldings @ flameout

350ml starter made from 20g of Safale-04 and a bottle of Vita-Malt, prepared 24h before and vigorously fermenting with about 1/3c of yeast solids on the bottom

My hydrometer went for a wander on brewday and I didn't get an OG, the finishing gravity was a bit high @1.012-1.013

The grains were mashed separately for 1 hour using the stovetop to to get it to mash-in @ aprox 160*F and the oven at 170*F to gradually raise the temp until the end of the hour.

This was essentially batch sparged using a colander and the grain bed for filtration. any remaining solids on the bottom were discarded before this wort was added in with the LME and hot water to the kettles to begin the boil. There was no visible scorching and the wort did not appreciably darken.

The wort was chilled using a kitchen sink filled with ice cold water, this took about half an hour per boil. Yeast was pitched @ aprox 69-72*f.

Fermentation lasted 6 days, with a week in secondary before bottling. No fining agents were used, so there is some chill haze.

If this were just high alcohol or "extract" tang i'd be able to ID it no problem;

There almost seems to be an ester-ey note to it, but the yeast from bottle carbing should have eaten any digestible esters by now (almost 3 months old).

I found later that my thermometer I used in the mashing was not really accurate, so I may have missed my mash temperature on the Munich Malt (too low) and I may be tasting the residual starches, which would also explain the level of chill haze. This could be accentuated by being a rather high test beer.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.