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Mar 22, 2005
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Anybody have much experience with San Francisco Lager Yeast from White Labs?

Any recommended temperature range and suggested time for my primary and Secondary Fermentation ?

I started 2 identical batches with a CA Ale yeast and a SF lager yeast and the CA seems to be moving along at a much quicker pass is this expected ?

Thanks all
The quicker pace for the ale is expected. Lager yeasts are much slower.

The CA Ale is Sierra Nevada's yeast. It's just about the cleanest, fastest yeast you can use and is suitable for all sorts of beers.

The SF Lager is Anchor Steam yeast. So you can make a California common with it by fermenting at slightly higher than lager temps...like say 65 degrees. The vial should have temp guidelines.

Alternately, you could truly lager your beer by dropping the temp to the 40s or 50s. Expect a much cleaner beer and a much longer ferment with that approach. Cheers! :D