Seventh Son Brewery in Columbus

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Jul 5, 2008
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Hey guys as a new cbus resident, I thought I'd pass along word of our newest brewery.
Seventh Son just opened at the corner of 4th ave and 4th street and I checked it out last weekend.
The space itself is awesome. Great atmosphere and plenty of room for events. The beers are pretty good too! I have a tendency to give some forgiveness to a new place's first few batches as they get equipment and recipes dialed in. Don't get me wrong, the beers are all actually quite good and very drinkable (fairly priced too), but I would't call any of them phenomenal yet.
There is also a food truck usually parked in the parking lot to provide a selection of good eats.
I encourage anyone in the central ohio area to give these guys a look! It's a great place to bring friends for a fun evening outside of the local bar scene.