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Virginia Selling EVERYTHING

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Aug 21, 2009
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Hey everyone - I haven't been very active on the forums, despite being very active in drinking. I'm leaving the hobby due to personal reasons and need to sell everything. Asking $800 for everything. Willing to negotiate reasonably.

All goes as a set, no part outs. I don't feel like getting left holding the leftover corks and frankly it's too much to ship.

- 1 2-tap, door mounted kegerator! Temperature controller that is inline with the plug is badass and holds to within one degree F.
This is one slick setup and comes pre stickered with the best of intentions from the average homebrewing drunk!
- 2 ball lock kegs (5gal)
- 1 pin lock keg (5gal)
- 1 sanke tap for regular store bought kegs too!
- 1 5lb CO2 tank recently hydro tested
- All assorted gauges, valves, discombobulators, and whosiwhatsits that go along with it.
- hoses and such for picnic taps in addition to the door mounted taps, for when you build that jockey box dude!
- Want my brew kettle? OF COURSE YOU DO! It's a turkey fryer I turned into one, trust the alcoholic with an engineering degree.
- 5 glass carboys
- 2 brew buckets
- 1 monster igloo cooler (10gal) that can be yours for an all grain mash tun, just needs a false bottom. The valve is in side it and it's never been used.
- 1 (mostly) full bottle of StarSan
- a few (3?) hydrometers
- some number of thermometers
- Pile of airlocks, I think I have 3-5
- Caps and lids for assorted brewing fermenting equipment
- Brushes, carboy cleaners, other not-so-fun nonsense that comes with homebrewing
- 1 wine kit aerator for a hand drill, because she liked it when I made wine too.
- TONS of bottles (beer and wine). I work for a beer bottle manufacturer, it has it's perks.

I'll even pitch in all my leftover ingredients, caps, cappers, corkers, corks, heat shrink wraps, and labels. It's all in a box you can have too - JUST THINK OF HOW ORGANIZED IT WILL BE!

Trust me, I've spent years making desperately large amounts of alcohol with this setup and it took tons of research and work to get it all together. Everything you need to homebrew partial mash, all concentrate, and with a little ingenuity ALL GRAIN!

Spoons and other nonsense is in there too. Seriously, everything you need. 2 recipes fully ready to go too. Just come pick it up and pay me.

..you might want to add pictures because with that you wrote your asking way too much lol