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Florida Selling eHerms 15 Gallon 220v Turnkey System + Extras

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Aug 28, 2010
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Home Brewery Equipment

A little about the equipment. I have been brewing since 2009 and have slowly built up my system and setup over the 13 years. I built this system specifically for a house we built in 2016 but we recently moved again so I had to take it apart and put it in storage for the last 10 months. I just don’t have the time or space for this beautiful setup. I am downsizing so I am not getting rid of all my fun toys 😊. See below for the items and costs. This system is in great condition and cared for very well. I am willing to part some of it out but would like to try to sell the system as a whole first which would be the system and Table. I am not breaking up the items listed in the System. I am not selling the prep table that has the kegs on it. I don’t have a truck so I am not able to deliver or meet up. I might be able to figure something out of its really worth it.
I also have a short video that I can text to those who are interested showing it when it was set up and being used to confirm that is functions. Its a time lapse video of when my club did a virtual big brew day.

I also have more photos since it only allows me to upload 25.

15 Gallon e-Herms 220v Turnkey Tri-Clamp (TC) Brewing System - $4,500
  • I would compare this system to the Spike 15 Gallon e-Herms setup. The panel was built based on The Electric Brewery site.
  • Runs HLT and BK simultaneously.
  • BK 15G, HLT 20G, Mash Tun 20G all set up with TC and 5500 Heating Elements
  • Mash tun is a bottom drain mash tun and a single piece welded on. Super Clean!
  • Recirc works great, depends on liquid speed but holds at about a 6 degree difference between HLT and Mash tun.
  • Custom made sparge arm
  • Solid single Piece False Bottom
  • BK has 2 ports to help whirlpool at end of the boil
  • Temp probes on the liquid port out on the HLT and Mash Tun and inside the BK itself.
  • 2 pumps
  • All hoses and connections needed. Is a mix of Tri-Clamps and cam-locks.
Short Stainless-Steel Table - $100
30” x 60” 18-gauge Stainless Steel Stand with under-shelf

Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Shelf - $100
12” x 72” Wall Mounted Pot Rack w/Shelf and 18 hooks.

Duda Diesel 30 Plate Chiller - $50

Refractometer - $20

Stainless Steel 2 Bay Sink - $400

  • 24” D x 85” L x 36” H
  • Shelf on each end
Kegs – 5 Gallon Corny - $30 Each
I am only selling 10 of the ones in the photo, 8 left. I am keeping the ones I have labeled 1-8. 9-18 are being sold. All are pressure test and hold. I have each lid number matched to each keg


  • AG eHerms Setup.JPG
    AG eHerms Setup.JPG
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  • Blichmann Beer Gun.JPG
    Blichmann Beer Gun.JPG
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  • Boil Kettle Inside.JPG
    Boil Kettle Inside.JPG
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  • Boil Kettle.JPG
    Boil Kettle.JPG
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  • Brew Room.jpg
    Brew Room.jpg
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  • Fly Sparge Arm 1.JPG
    Fly Sparge Arm 1.JPG
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  • Fly Sparge Arm 2.JPG
    Fly Sparge Arm 2.JPG
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  • HLT - Inside.JPG
    HLT - Inside.JPG
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  • HLT 1.JPG
    HLT 1.JPG
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  • HLT with Coils.jpeg
    HLT with Coils.jpeg
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  • Hoses.JPG
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  • Kegs.JPG
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  • Mash Tun Bottom Drain.JPG
    Mash Tun Bottom Drain.JPG
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  • Mash Tun with False Bottom.JPG
    Mash Tun with False Bottom.JPG
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  • Mash Tun.JPG
    Mash Tun.JPG
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  • Panel - Exterior.JPG
    Panel - Exterior.JPG
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  • Panel - Interior Door.JPG
    Panel - Interior Door.JPG
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  • Panel - Interior.JPG
    Panel - Interior.JPG
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  • Plate Chiller 1.JPG
    Plate Chiller 1.JPG
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  • Pump 1 - Chugger.JPG
    Pump 1 - Chugger.JPG
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  • Pump 2.JPG
    Pump 2.JPG
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  • Refractometer.JPG
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  • Sink Bays.JPG
    Sink Bays.JPG
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  • Stainless-Steel-Pot-Rack-with-Shelf.jpg
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I’d be willing to meet halfway for someone traveling up to 4-6 hours away each way. So if it’s 6 hours to me we can meet 3 hours each way.