Selling All My Gear

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Apr 6, 2013
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I have the following gear for sale:

1. 16 gallon Bayou Classic stainless steel kettle with screen tube and stainless valve. $125
2. 15 gallon Keggle with tube pick up and stainless valve. $115
3. 7 gallon stainless conical fermenter with temp gauge and stainless valves. $150
4. 12 gallon Rubbermaid cooler/Mashtun with stainless false bottom, brass valve $50
5. Millars Mills stainless grain mill. $50
6. 5 gallon corni (soda) keg.---this may be sold
7. 2 50k btu burners. $30 each
8. 2 propane tanks--up to date certification so refillable or easily swappable. $20 each
9. 20lb CO2 tank (no regulator)--$20
10. Brass hop tube, you'll want a new nylon bag--for hopping with less mess. $20
11. Rubbermaid container of many of the little things like Irish Moss, dextrose, bottle caps, oxygen tank, spinning plate, beaker, etc. --$75 for the entire container
12. 3 5 gallon buckets 2 could be used for bottling $15 for all of them
13. Bottle capper--This is a single-handle press type mounted on a 2x6 $35
14. Brewing Stand on wheels--homemade $50
15. 115 v March pump, with stainless valve $100
16. Bottle washer $10
17. 2 5 gallon air-tight buckets for grain storage $10 for both
18. 5 gallon carboy--with carboy carrier $10

Everything is in great shape, but needs a good cleaning. I have pics of everything, so if interested, feel free to ask and I'll provide them. Price is negotiable for buying multiple items.

I'm in Eastern Wisconsin, on Lake Michigan, and not looking to ship.


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Aug 25, 2013
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Can you post a pic of the conical? We’re in Wisconsin do you live?