Selling 5 Gallon Soda Kegs with Sanke Coupling Welded On - Beer, Wine, Mead, & Cider Brewing Discussion Community.

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Jan 11, 2008
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Austin, TX
I bought 8 of them back in April 2008 and have enjoyed them many times over the last few years.

These are "converted" sanke coupling 5 gallon corny kegs that I bought off the forum almost 10 years ago!

The top is a welded soda lid and coupler with a custom cut spear for the keg. You can see the welds in detail here -

I'm looking to sell 4 of them for $15 a piece. A steal compared to anything else.

I'll ship but you pay for packaging and shipment. If you buy all 4, I think it's cheapest as it goes into some sort of guitar box.

Kegs- $15 a piece [Local pickup for Austin, TX]
- 4x 5 gallon capacity with custom spear and sanke coupling