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Feb 17, 2007
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Iowa City, IA
I have a small batch in primary right now.
I was planning to produce a 3 gal batch and rack to a 3 gal carboy for secondary, but I only ended up getting 2.3 gal in primary.
My question is: when I rack off of the trub, will that leave me with too much headspace in the secondary?
I'm thinking I might be better off using a couple 1 gal jugs for secondary. Any thoughts?

as long as the secondary is treated like a newborn baby, oxidation is not a big concern
natefitz said:
let's see... is it feed the flu shake a baby or shake a flu and feed the baby...

I do believe some parents confuse these two from time to time.

I've put three gallons in a five gallon carboy for the secondary, and never had any problems.