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Jan 16, 2008
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I have just started to brew and I am getting ready to start a new batch, last batch was very good. I want to use a secondary fermenter but when seperating the junk from the newly fermented beer, do I use a filter of any kind?

Secondly, my last batch had a ton of head on it. When drinking it it foams out of the bottle at a very fast rate. Anyone knows what causes this?

Well welcome to the forums Kenny. You don't really need to use a filter when transfering your beer from primary to the secondary fermentor, just make sure that you try not to stir up any of the trub (aka lees or sediment) at the bottom of the fermentor by moving the fermentor around too much, and if you are siphoning make sure that your siphon is above that trub. Don't worry too much about it though, since one of the main reasons that you'd be putting the beer into the secondary is to clear, instead of filtering. Also it's good to make sure that you try to minimise contact with air, because you don't want to oxidise your beer. So try not to splash it around too much.

When it comes to having heaps of head and frothing too much, I'd say that you've probably put too much sugar/DME/corn syrop or whatever when priming the bottles. Try to chill the bottles to really really cold temperature before opening, I think that should reduce the problem somewhat, since by decreasing temperature gases (in this case CO2) become more soluble in water (or beer).

I wouldn't be surprised if I missed anything but I'm sure someone else will have some great advice for you aswell :).
For the transferring I recommend an auto siphon they work really well for transerring the brew without picking up any trub and little oxidation.

The diagnosis of to much priming sugar is spot on. I would recommend you chill all the bottles soon to avoid bottle bombs. Not sure how new you are to this but yes the bottles will blow up/break.
I also have really foamy and higly carbonated beer - this is the way I like it. I find if I get a litle bit overzealous and its too carbed up i put them in the fridge and leave them there for a week. Usually after a week it will have calmed down considerably.
BigKenny said:
When drinking it it foams out of the bottle at a very fast rate. Anyone knows what causes this?

Just wondering if you are drinking your homebrew straight out of the bottle? and if you are have you tried pouring it into a glass trying not to stir up the yeast sediment on the bottom of the bottle?

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