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Aug 5, 2007
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Brunswick, GA
Brewing an oatmeal stout. Recipe calls for secondary temp to be 50 F. I am using Nottingham yeast.

The warmest I can get my fridge is about 43 F. I can not get my carboy much colder thatn about 65. Will it kill the yeast at 43? I am worried about carbonization if the yeast is not active due to the colder temps.

I live on the Ga coast and we are undergoing a heat wave, so I am keeping the carboy inside the house for now. I could move it to the garage or out into my shop, but there will be more temp fluctuations. So, should I let it condition in the fridge like lagering temps, or keep it warmer than the 50?

As always, I appreciate everybody's help.:rockin:

Cheers and Fair Winds,

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