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Feb 6, 2017
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I am brewing a pale ale with Danstar Nottingham yeast. It has been in primary for one week and smells a bit sulphurous (it was very sulphurous) and is near the target fg. I am away for a couple of weeks in a couple of days and don't want to bottle as I think time might help the sulphur smell reduce. Can I rack into a secondary fermentor for the 2 weeks to mellow? And should I keep it at 19c or drop the temp?
My advice is to let it ride in primary for a few more weeks - until you get back. My beers often sit in the primary for at least a month, even longer, and I don't use a secondary unless I'm adding fruit - never for a pale ale. Some yeasts produce sulfur smells initially but will go away with time. Just let it ride and check it when you get back. And 19c is a fine temp to keep it at. Just my opinion.
I would bring your temp up to about 70°F/21°C and let it clear up the sulfur smell. It may take a week to do this, or could take a few days.