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Mar 14, 2009
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santa cruz, ca
Hi there, new here and back to brewing after many many years. All I can say is it seemed simpler then but I suspect that is because I was a lot less particular. But apparently I've not gotten any smarter.
I used 3-1/2 lbs Breiss Pale Malt Extract, 1/2 lb Gambrinus White Wheat malt, and some German Tettanger hops, and some Irish Moss in about 4 gallons. All went pretty well in the beginning, but I used a 5 gallon water bottle for fermentation that wasn't transparent. I could see fermentation through the top though.
I thought I would do a secondary fermentation at about 2 weeks in a clear bottle to help clarity and so I could see what was going on. 2 More weeks have gone by and it's not particularly clear and there is a very thin fermentation crust not quite covering the top. No bubbles. The temperature has been a pretty consistent 62. Smells like beer though I suspect it may be a pretty thin brew.

Should I wait until all the crust sinks before bottling?


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Aug 27, 2008
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St. George Utah
Generally I wait for the kraeusen to fall before moving to secondary. I don't have many secondaries so most of the time just I leave it in primary three weeks or so. 62 is kind of cold and it may take longer. I'd warm it up to 70 for a week to be sure it's done.