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Jul 14, 2015
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Okay so I racked my traditional semi-sweet mead to secondary 2 weeks ago. It was in primary for 2.5 weeks and gravity dropped from 1.110 to 1.006.

When I racked I wasn't seeing any fermentation bubbles and the smell of yeast decreased substantially. Now that it's in the secondary fermenter there are tiny bubbles forming towards the head space, frothy substance forming. However, lees is dropping out so I assume all is well.

Can anybody verify that this looks and sounds normal? Also, shouldn't it begin to clear up at this point? It's still very cloudy, can't see through it at all.
Looks and sounds normal ... 4.5 weeks into a mead is nothing....relax, give it time. It's still in it's infancy. Start some new batches to take your mind off of this one - a huge pipeline of various batches helps somewhat with the natural impatience with any one batch...I have, oh, 31 gallons at different stages and in different size batches (5 gals, 3 gal, 1 gals)...only one is not clear, it may never clear, 'tis a bochet cyser made with fresh pressed unfiltered organic cider...been about a year, now...LOL
I suggest leaving it be for a few months, then checking it. If it is still very cloudy then use a clarifying agent. Primary fermentation is a matter of weeks, Secondary can be a matter of months. It will clear up in it's own time, Patients, Glasshopper. Patients is key.

And when it is clear, that does not mean it's done. It may taste astringent still. You still need to age it 6 months to a year, either in the bottle or in the carboy. Only THEN is the mead ready to drink.