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Jan 7, 2008
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I just moved to a new house. After two brews I have had the same problem each time. No to very little carbination. I have made about 10 patches of only 1 fermintation. The first batch I used my house water, the second I used store bought bottled water. Is there enough yeast after the secondary? Enough sugar? Any help would be great.
There could be a number of reasons why you are experiencing carbonation issues. Secondary fermentation is not one of them, there will be plenty of yeast to carbonate after secondary.

How are you carbonating? (What are you using as a priming agent, how long are you letting the bottles sit before opening, and what temperature are they at while they are carbonating?) If you can provide that information, we should be able to provide more assistance.
First welcome to HBT. Second this isnt the correct forum but there is a good chance this will get moved. If it does get moved come back here and properly introduction and tell us a little about your.

Now on to the question. There are many variable to the carbonation question that will need to be answered. Like how long did you leave the brew sitting before bottling? What temperature were the bottles stored at? Did you add sugar prior to bottling and in what way, per bottle or to the bottling bucket then bottle.

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