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Feb 4, 2013
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Hello all:

I just brewed my 4th batch ever. It is a 3 gallon batch of a basic stout with the intentions of splitting it up into 3, 1 gallon secondaries to experiment with different flavors. The three I have in mind are chocolate, vanilla and coffee.

For the chocolate, I have decided to go with 4 oz. of roasted cocoa nibs. For the vanilla, I am going to go with 1/3 - 1/2 of a vanilla bean, split down the center. For the coffee, I am going with 4 oz. of brewed coffee, then chilled.

My questions are as follows:

1) Are the above additions too much/not enough for the smaller 1 gallon secondaries?

2) I've read that soaking the nibs and vanilla in vodka will bring out the flavors in both and add to the flavor. Does anyone have any experience with this and do I pour in the vodka into the secondary, or just the nibs/vanilla?

Any advice is appreciated! Cheers!