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Mar 19, 2009
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Jackson, WY

About to start my second brew (a smoked porter extract kit), and have a couple of questions:

1) Recipe called for 8lbs of Ultralight Liquid Extract. The supplier substituted 6.5 lbs of light powdered DME extract. Is that an equivalent substitution? I do have 5lbs of Ultralight liquid extract from another recipe kit that I don't need at the moment, so I could use that and add some powdered DME to make up the difference, but don't know how to make the conversion from liquid to dry.

2) I ordered White Labs liquid yeast, and it came while I was out of town. It sat in a box in a cool (~60-65 degrees) part of my house for 4 days before I refrigerated it. Should it be OK? I can do a starter if need be, or can just pitch the liquid and if I don't get fermentation I've got some dry yeast I can repitch with in a couple of days.

My first brew is almost ready to bottle... an IPA kit that came out GREAT! Can't wait to taste it with carbonation in a few weeks :) Has anyone mentioned that this hobby can be addicting? :mug:



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Dec 3, 2008
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Eastern Oregon
1) Generally 0.75 lbs of liquid extract is the equivalent of 0.6 lbs of dry extract (and both are equal to about 1 lb of grain consequently). If my math is correct, I get 6.4 lbs of dry malt being equal to 8 lbs of liquid, so yea that should work fine.

2)Your yeast will probably be fine, but its always best to do a starter with liquid yeasts IMO even if just to see that you have viable yeast, aside from proper pitching rates.

Of course if I'm wrong, someone will correct me.