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Nov 11, 2020
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I made two one gallon batches. Didn’t go out of my way for special honey. First batch was aunt sues raw and unfiltered that was at the grocery store, the second was kirkland southeast raw and unfiltered from Costco.

Both batches were made with honey, straight RO water, d47 yeast, and nutrient.

I dumped all the nutrient in at once on the first batch (aunt sues) and it is still going. That was like a month to 5 weeks ago. The second batch (kirklands) I staggered the feeding. The second batch finished, first, a few weeks ago and I racked it to a secondary.

Although I give it like a C- or D for clarity, I give it an A- for color and B for flavor. I think there might have been too much leftover star San in the bottles. Did the best I could, though.

I had a charm city dry mead recently and this is far better than that, as far as flavor goes, IMO.

Both meads were fermented at the same temp (somewhere in the 50s. I don’t remember exactly, though. Maybe 58 degrees?) I pulled the first one out after 3 weeks though to make room for a beer. It’s still going though. Finally slowing down.

The second one was 1.080 and finished dry to 1.000 making it about 10.5 abv. I really enjoy it. Cheers to all you mead heads. Skol!