Second batch ever needs a little refinement

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Aug 8, 2014
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So I just got into wine making a couple months ago and now I'm ready to start another batch. For my first batch I just got four gallons of some organic, non-preservative, apple juice in glass bottles, 1 gallon each, dumped a quarter packet of champagne yeast in each and put a balloon on top with some pin holes. I let this sit for 2 weeks then racked it and drank right away. This tasted pretty good though was really dry.

I'm looking to use frozen concentrates now and just bought a 5 gallon carboy and air lock to up my capacity. With this can I just follow the same process and be fine? I'm not looking to make anything super fancy just something tasty that I can take a couple gallons to parties and be fine. So I'm looking for about the same ferment time that way i can have a high turn around without needing multiple batches going at the same time. I would love to have aging added into the process just don't have the room in a tiny apartment.

Also before I used a bleach/water mixture to sanitize the bottles I racked into will I be fine doing this again for the initial sanitize of my carboy? Any and all tips are appreciated!!!!