Second batch critique

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Mar 10, 2008
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4 ¾ lb liquid dark malt extract
1 lb dry dark malt extract
1.5 lb roasted barley
1lb flaked barley
¼ lb black patent malt
1 oz Fuggles pellet hops 4% alfa acid
1tsp Irish moss

S04 dry yeast

I mashed the grains for 1/2 hour @ 160 deg

Boiled the wort for 60 min.

all the hops at the begining of the boil no finishing hops

Made a yeast starter

O.G. 1.048

Does this sound like the Dry Irish Stout that I hope it will be?

What F.G. should I expect to get?

Its been bubbleing away for two days now.

When should I take my next gravity reading?

Won't I get a head of oxygen in the bucket if I take off the lid to take the reading?

Thanks Guys, Art