Sealing Corny Keg

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May 23, 2007
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Patterson, CA
Just got back from my HBS shop with a 2 keg kegging system. The kegs came under pressure from the HBS and the store owner said that getting a seal can sometimes be tricky but just keep moving it a little and you will get a seal.

I have the cleaner in the keg and put on the lid. I then turned the keg upside down and liquid pours out. I tried heating the lid in hot water then placing into place. I tried moving it around for about 20 minutes. I searched the forums here and only came up with keg lube and to quickly pressurize to 30 psi. Tried the pressure, but not the lube seeing as how the HBS is 45 minutes away and they mentioned nothing of needing this.

This keg just had a seal 30 minutes ago and now I can not get one, any help?

Thank you.


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Jan 19, 2009
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grap the lid by the pressure relief valve and pull upwards, engage the locking lid and it should seal, add 30 PSI before you tip it upside down; it does generally need some pressure to properly seal.

McMaster Carr sells better gaskets for them that are much better and make a seal without pressure.