Scaling with BeerSmith vs Brewfather Troubles

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Feb 16, 2021
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I'm too smoothbrained for this stuff guys. I'm hoping one of you can help shed some light on this for me. I'm trying to venture outside Brewing Classic Styles here but can't figure out scaling recipes.

I found this Pseudo Sue clone a guy posted on his blog and had also created/shared in the BeerSmith cloud. It's for a 6 gal batch. Since the same guy had made/shared it in the BeerSmith cloud I exported the recipe (BeerXML) and imported it into Brewfather. The two recipes are attached as "Original BeerSmith" and "Original Brewfather" (generated from the Original BeerSmith export, then imported into Brewfather)

All the numbers match up. So far so good. The trouble is I'm using the Anvil Foundry 10.5 on 240v, so need to scale it down. Now both softwares have the default settings for the Anvil in them (BeerSmith method and Brewfather default settings Profile -> Equipment -> Anvil Foundry 10.5 240V 5.5 gal - 60 min - 60%). So I'm using the default recommendations for the Anvil 10.5 in both softwares. I changed the equipment and scaled in both. These two resulting recipes are attached as "Scaled BeerSmith" and "Scaled Brewfather"

What in tarnation!? How in the hell is there an almost 2.5lb grain bill difference!? How does brew father need a pound and a half more than the 6gal batch!? I see the efficiencies are different, but adjusting for those still leaves a huge grain bill disparity of about a pound (see "Adjusted and Scaled Brewfather"). The efficiency just doesn't seem to make up for it itself. What. The. Hell...

I've also attached the equipment profiles for both as well "Anvil BeerSmith" vs "Anvil Brewfather". Please can some one explain to me how the hell these scalings are working?

I'm so lost 😆


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