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Wrecked Brewery
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Jan 28, 2012
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Hey there! I didn't see a thread close to me, so thought I'd start one. I'm new to the area, just moved into Clover, SC a year ago which is about 20 minutes southwest of Charlotte, NC. Looking to see if there's anyone in the area. I left all my brew buddies up north lol.
When my Job decided to close our location without notice, The Brewer gave me all the open packages of hops. So, while being unemployed, I thought I would try to sell what I cant reasonably use. I have Hersbrucker, Citra, Saaz, US Goldings, Mosaic, Cascade. All $20/lb. Preferably pick up only. Im in the Charlotte Mathews area. I hope this post isn't against any forum rules, I would hate to see them go to waste.
We go up 26 into the money pit, I mean antique areas so my wife can get all the things we didn’t even know we needed!
Midland NC
Anyone near me willing to let me tag along on your next brew day to learn firsthand?