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Feb 16, 2012
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Either in the brewery or on the road
Well, maybe not new guy, but new member.

I guess everybody has their special "hero wall" of plaques and awards for accomplishments, etc., or a proud collection of "been there, done that" T-shirts. I've certainly got a few of the former and a metric crap ton of the latter. In the picture is a special little corner of my brew space where I spend more time than I'd like to admit. You'll notice a number of brew-related stickers from various vendors along with the most recent addition to the collection in the upper left corner. Most of you will recognize it immediately. You see, I wasn't a big social media type person before showing up at Home Brew Talk. I prefer face-to-face interactions, being with actual human beings instead of communicating via electrons and avatars. But with the rise of Covid restrictions (and common sense precautions) this particular forum became a place to exchange ideas and techniques centered on a hobby we all share, as well as the occasional off-topic rabbit hole or thread drift. It has been a welcome space to hang out with short or no notice, and I became a frequent participant and contributor. Except I wasn't "contributing" in return for what I was receiving.

From time to time I'd think that I should become a contributing member, but then the thought would vanish into that "maybe another day" list of things to do. A month or so ago I finally decided that needed to become fully involved and stop being a free-loader. Easy enough to do. Not a huge financial obligation. Much less than my regular ingredients order, and one heck of a smaller investment than I regularly spend on brew gear and equipment upgrades.

Please don't consider this post to be just another Jerry Lewis type telethon or TV evangelist grifting for donations for his next mansion or private jet. I'm not a paid endorser. Just another participant. I've learned a lot here and hope I've lent a hand to someone who might have been in need of a suggestion or direction. I've made some good 'electronic' friends' in the process as well. But most of all, becoming a contributing member has given me a sense of legitimacy in this group that I didn't feel I had before. And it feels good. Plus I got a really cool sticker for my brew area.

If you're not a member, please give it some consideration. (rant over).


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Jan 9, 2013
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Thank you for all your contributions, not just monetary ones!

There are some side benefits to Supporting Members that are not always known:
  • You have more control over ads showing up on your HBT pages. You may even choose to suppress all of them, if you so wish.
  • Access to Supporting Member only forums, which are (conveniently) behind the search wall. Even "Big G" can't see inside.
  • Well recognizable HBT Supporter banner in your member profile, and on every post you make (left sidebar).
Enjoy your new status!