Santa Came!!!!

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Nov 14, 2007
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Hey Guys,

So Santa came to my house last night and brought me another corny keg, and there is another package under the tree from my sister in law that kinda feels like one more for a total of two...With those two, and my existing two, will fill my fridge....2 kegs for beer, 1 aplfenwine, and maybe a rootbeer for my stepson...I guess that means I have to go to the LHBS for taps, shanks, hoses, etc...That sucks :) Anyone else get anything Beer related from Santa?
My father gave me cash. So now I will order my grain mill. So I guess you can say that I did.
Otherwise all my stuff had to do with running. Shoes, and running gear. :rockin:
Santa came?

Hopefully not with one of the reindeer.

As for beer-related gifts, I got a refractometer... or a replica lightsaber... depending on your point of view.

Also, a burr coffee grinder (not beer-related, but tasty beverage related).

I also got myself 3 cornies for Christmas... They came in the mail about a week ago (glad they didn't do it in my house. Gross.)
I got a batch of beer bread mix that is in a 22oz. brown beer bottle. Apparently you put the mix in a bowl, add a 12 oz. beer, mix it up, pour it into a loaf pan and bake.

Then you wash out the bottle, sanitize it and fill it with homebrew! :)
I got money to finish my kegerator, 2 taps to start. Though phase 1, is get corneys, and stuff to start one keg till the manifold arrives, so it'll be 1 tap for a couple weeks :)
I got a propane burner and the parts I need to make a MLT. Next brew it's finally going to be AG!