Santa came to my house!

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Mar 12, 2007
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Been brewing for a year now and never thought much about a brewery name, but Santa (swmbo) took care of that in the form of a chalkboard for my kegerator. We live in a little town called Sergeantsville, but the old timers will tell you that the name use to be Skunktown. (Gee . . . wonder why they changed the name?) Anyway, my neighbor is a sign maker and custom made this for my wife. I really like it, but do you think the name is inappropriate when it comes to beer?

beer sign 1.jpg

beer sign 2.jpg
I think badass is the best way to describe that!! Awesome dude!
Youi're kidding right? Have you seen the names of beers and breweries out there in the world?

Keep the name. Keep the chalkboard. Oh and definitely keep the SWMBO!


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