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May 9, 2008
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S. Jersey
Hey all, I've been looking to get into AG and have an equipment question. I have 3 sanke kegs. 1 is the type I see most of you guys using(straight sides) for my kettle, 1 is the 'classic' barrel shape for my HLT, and the 3rd resembles the straight sided one but has rubber top and bottom. I was wondering if anybody has used the one that is topped and bottomed w/ rubber as a mash tun. There is no way of putting a flame near it with all the rubber so I figured I'd use it as my tun, plus it's already semi insulated. I'm just wondering if I should/could use it or just use a cooler instead? I still have to get all my fittings and convert them so I'll know whether or not I need 2 or 3 sets of fittings. Thanks, Harry