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Jsta Porter

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Oct 22, 2007
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Hello All, and thanks in advance for any response.

I am going to attempt a Rodenbach Grand Cru clone using 3278. I had briefly talked with a homebrewer about wild Yeasts and he gave a few bits of advice to avoid contaminatin of future brews with the yeasts, since they are so hearty:

1. Do not re-use any non-glass material that comes in contact with the yeasts for anything else in the future besides other beers of this style since the yeast can cling to plastics etc and live through any attempted sanitation
2. Use a heavy bleach solution to clean out the glass carboys when I am done.
3. Geographically seperate the fermenting beer from other beers that I am fermenting.

So, my questions:
1. Is the above advice accurate?
2. Do I need to bleach all bottles after drinking the beers?
3. Anything else that I need to pay attention to in this arena?

Many thanks!!


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Mar 6, 2007
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Number 3 I would not worry about. Its not like they are gonna jump out and walk into your other stuff. Just remember wild yeast and bacteria is everywhere and more than likely on your stuff before you sanitize it. I would also not worry about bleach just use star san.