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Jan 10, 2008
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Does anybody think it would be a bad idea to sanitize my bottles the day before bottling? I sanitized with bleach and placed them upside down in the case but im worried thats not going to be good enough. Im usually pretty anal and use one-step just before bottling but Im doing it differently this time. I fear change.
If you have a bottling tree you can sanitize them the day before just fine. I've done it plenty of times with no problems. You may find the same thing with sanitizing them and leaving them upside down in the box. Best thing to do is to try it.

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If you want reassurance on sanitizing, do yourself a favor and get some no rinse sanitizer like Star San. It's so much easier (and I think better) than bleach.

You risk reintroducing nasties by having to rinse the bleach out. With no rinse sanitizer it takes a lot less time prepping your bottles and can easily be done on bottling day with no fuss.

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