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Jan 2, 2008
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Traverse City, MI
well I have brewed 3 batches of beer now, and have had no problems with infected batches at all. But I am still getting really confused when I go to buy sanatizers now. The HBS carries LD carlson products. Every one they have says "cleaner" and thats it. No mention whatsoever about sanatization. The product that I am using now is called Easy clean and I used one step on the first batch. I know one step is a sanatizing solution now that I have done the research, but I still can figure out whether easy clean is also a sanatizer. I plan on just spending the money on star san and one step from now on but I have a bunch of easy clean left that I dont really want to completely waste. Although I could use it to take off bottle labels and clean the dirty fermenter.


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Jan 9, 2008
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Easy Clean is the same as B-Brite, and OxyClean (and others). They use sodium percarbonate.

When you add it to water, it converts to hydrogen peroxide, which is a very powerful cleaner. Fantastic at removing stains, grime, labels, and just about everything.

They are also effective sanitizers, but manafacturers recommend soaking for 30 minutes in order to kill any bacteria or wild yeast. It probobly sanitizes in much less time, but you might not have any way of knowing for sure. This is why it is sometimes advertised as a sanitizer, but usually just as a cleaner.

So it can sanitize, but is not ideal. Especially if you just want to quickly sanitize a spoon that dropped on the floor.



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Dec 11, 2007
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Here's all the info you need from another thread.

In the future, you might want to use the "Search this Forum" funtion in thread tools, or look at the stickies before you ask your question. 9 out of 10 times the answers are already covered. It will save you some time better spent on brewing!:D

Welcome to HBT, btw!

Oh and oxyclean rules for bottle removal...I have some pbr left (I ran out of oxyclean) and tried to soak off some lables last night with PBR..
UGH... not like oxyclean.


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Jan 1, 2010
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Great info... I too have the LD Carlson easy clean and have a batch of hopnogg IPA and some trinity red wine in the ferementer. I have only been using the LD Carlson easy clean and just hit the panic button when I found out it's not a true sanitizer! Are my batches ruined I wondered? It sounds like they are not but that i should swtich to a true sani prior to bottling and clean my bottles with that. i thought about bleach but i'm concerned that they won't be rinsed properly. Anyway, i'll goto the LHBS and see what they recommend.


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