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Aug 4, 2007
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Plan to bottle a saison tomorrow. It's a 3 gallon batch. As I described in this thread
it has been slow to finish. It had been at 1.012 for about a week, I took it down to 65F and let it sit, but checking gravity today (about a week later) it's down to 1.010.

An online calculator I used suggest 2.15 volume of CO2 which would be 2 oz. of corn sugar. That seems low to me, but I'm also concerned about the gravity continuing to drop in the bottle.

Just looking for opinions on how much corn sugar I should use. 2 oz? 3 oz?

I know I should just wait another 2 weeks, but I'm out of town after this weekend for an extended period and I won't be able to control the temperature of the carboy.