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Dec 26, 2007
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I know there is another thread for this but since I'm selfish I'm starting a thread about what I should do for a Saint Paddy's day homebrew. :ban:

I definitely want to do a stout, but what kind?

I was looking around the recipe database and found some good Oatmeal and Irish Stouts, but no Cream Stouts...

Keep in mind I am too n00b for AG/Partial Mash so this will definitely be Extract...

Oh and I have the Bass Ale clone from Midwest going right now as well, so I can have a British ale around then too....

What do you guys think I should :mug:
What do you mean by a cream stout?

I would suggest a nice dry Irish stout, and I think there is plenty of time to have it ready.

5lbs Pale English LME
2lbs Flaked Barley
1lb Roast Barley
Shoot for 55IBUs with a single addition at 60mins (English variety)
ajf said:
Oops, Sorry.

I confused Sy Paddy's day with Valentine's day. I agree there is time to brew a stout.


Not to be an EAC but WTF?!:confused: :drunk:
GloHoppa said:
Not to be an EAC but WTF?!:confused: :drunk:

Agreed, St Patty's day is a sweet holiday where people get drunk and have a good time. No pressure either like New Year's eve. V-day on the other hand is a pain in the ass for guys that are committed whether it be g/f or wife, and a letdown for girls that aren't some guy's swmbo. You confused the worst holiday with one of the best. That is like confusing BMC with with some great homebrew.
Easy and very good extract recipe:

1 4 lb. Can Mountmellic Irish Stout Kit (pre hopped)
1 bag 3 lbs of Dark DME

Boil for about 30 minutes, cool and pitch yeast.

I brewed this on Thanksgiving morning, and I am drinking it now.
Everyone who has tried it really likes it-Unfortunately, if I don't start hoarding it, it will be gone by St Patty's Day.
I just brewed the following on Saturday with St. Paddy's day in mind. Only my second batch! (Just started homebrewing this month) A guy at my LHBS suggested this, so it's not a newb's recipe...

And I know you said stout, but this seems just right for St. Pat's to me...

Start with a Brewer's Best Robust Porter kit. For reference, it's composed of:

6.6 lbs. Plain Amber LME
1/2 lb. Crystal Malt 60L
1/4 lb. Chocolate Malt
1/4 lb. Black Patent
1 oz. Cluster (60min)
1/2 oz. Willamette (5min)

(plus caps, priming sugar, yeast, grain bag. Hops are pellets.)

Add 1.5" of a stick of brewer's licorice (while steeping grains) and 12 oz. blackstrap molasses (with LME).

My OG was 1.062 (kit specifies 1.055). With 1-2 weeks fermenting, it'll have 6-7 weeks to condition in the bottle (I don't have a secondary) before the big day.

Any thoughts?