Ohio Sabco Brew Magic v350ms

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Cory Quintin Smith

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Jan 28, 2018
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I bought this system used 3 years ago thinking I'd brew with it for a while and use it as a pilot system for our upcoming brewery, but decided to go with a full 1bbl system instead. Looking to part with it for $3000, pick up only. Located in Perrysburg OH

The system is in great shape, has all of its parts and works like a charm. I use my old autosparge on the system (it's the non-stainless model, so it's turned colors on me) with a compression fitting, and I'll throw that in for no cost. Even if you don't use mine, I recommend an autosparge on this system as dialing in the "sparge-in, wort-out" ratio during fly sparges is tricky.

This was a dream system of mine and lives up to that expectation, it's just too small for what I think we'll need it for in the future.

Email any questions to [email protected]