Texas SABCO Brew-Magic V350MS - includes plate chiller and brite tank - LIKE NEW

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Feb 27, 2020
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Purchased in 2017, brewing system used only twice, plate chiller once, brite tank never used. Except for heat-damaged brew kettle volume indicator (easily replaceable), like new condition. Expected to use the system to develop a new beverage concept, then quickly switched to simpler floor-burner heating in commercial kitchen, at which point the V350MS was mothballed. So two of the kettles have seen about a dozen batches, but the actual V350MS is virtually unused, as is the Chill-Wizard — and the brite tank is literally unused. Properly/thoroughly cleaned prior to storage. Top of the line nano-brewing system, just three years old, comes with propane tank and all instructions, documentation, software. At $5,500, the whole package is being offered at 35% off retail price. Pick-up only, located in Dallas / Oak Cliff. Contact me for more details and pictures. If you're looking for a beer brewing system that bridges the gap between "home" and "professional" — that allows you to reliably replicate recipes with no deviation whatsoever — this is what you're looking for. Thanks for your interest!