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South Dakota Sabco "Brew Magic" V350MS and lots of extras - $8k

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Dec 20, 2017
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Bought new in 2010, this Sabco system has helped create many signature recipes and started what is now Wooden Legs Brewing in Brookings, SD. The system itself has been kept in great, working condition, and includes many additional parts and extras, including a ChillWizard heat transfer, hand-crank grain mill, all original manuals, CDs, and a beer fermenter. This is an amazing system for anyone who is a serious homebrewer, thinking of creating a start-up brewery, or as a pilot system for established breweries. This system is ready to go as soon as it shows up, all it needs is an outlet and propane!

The initial asking price is $8,000. We are also very flexible and able to help with delivery. If you have any questions at all feel free to comment here or even email us at [email protected]

2017-12-14 14.05.32.jpg 2017-12-14 14.24.28.jpg 2017-12-14 15.46.39.jpg 2017-12-14 14.13.30.jpg 2017-12-14 14.06.49.jpg 2017-12-14 14.06.40.jpg 2017-12-14 14.05.07.jpg 2017-12-14 14.05.32.jpg 2017-12-14 14.24.28.jpg