S30 Valve with Cornelius Keg advice please

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Aug 16, 2013
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Hello all,

I have just bought a Corny Keg with S30 valve from eBay. I already have a Keg Keg and Budget barrel with an S30 valve, so thought this would be the cheapest route for now, with maybe a view to getting a gas bottle set up later.

I have cleaned the keg and took apart the valves and seals on the top, lubing with Vaseline when reassembling. I may need to get new seals, as the pressure release seal looks a bit worn.

Anyhow, the question is about the S30 valve. It looks different to the one on my KingKeg. I do know that the KingKeg S30 has a release valve to allow pressure to escape, preventing the plastic tank from bursting. I understand that the Corny Keg S30 doesn't need this, as the pressure inside can reach much higher. How do I know the Corny S30 is of this type? Can I assume that as it looks different, so it must be?

I did squirt a little bitt of gas into the keg last night and this morning, the pressure has all gone. I can't see any visible signs of leaking. Can anyone advise how I can check if the S30 valve isn't leaking throught the centre, where you squirt the gas in?

I have included a couple of pictures as attachments. Would it be possible for anyone to tell if this is an S30 without a PRV? I'm new to the Cornelius Keg thing!



While I have no experience with S30 valves, the best way to test for leaks in any keg would be to put some pressure in it and submerge looking for bubbles. Otherwise a spray bottle of starsan or soapy water can be used around anywhere that air may escape. Once again pressurize and look for bubbles.