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Oct 3, 2007
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Edgewater CO
I've got my frame built for my single tier system. The steel I am using is some 100 + year old angle pieces. It looks pretty sweet in its rusted state and I'd like to keep it like that. Would a clear coat work well to minimize red iron stains on everything? Any other ideas to seal it?
You don't want polyeurathane near the heat. Put a wire wheel on a grinder and take the rust off with that, then use HI-Temp paint, I just used flat BBQ Black.
You didn't say anything about burners in the original post. Not many conventional coatings will hold up to the heat from a burner. Maybe you could paint areas around burners with BBQ paint and the rest clear.
I dont' think the rust will be a problem near the burners. I think the OP just wants to keep the rust from rubbing, right? Clear the whole thing and where the paint burns of it will be fine. Probably lose a little rust there though... But that's going to happen even if you use a high temp paint.
Very little of the frame is in contact with direct flame. Some well placed Bbq paint or the above clear option would be good

Thanks all for the ideas